Classes for Teenagers



taught by Jon Noto, a professional actor and former student of Gregory’s. Its a different approach to learn acting and is recommend to those who gravitate towards comedy. This improvisational method is based on acting games which was founded by American teacher Viola Spolin. This method is used mainly for sitcoms and sketch comedy like Saturday night live). Children and adults alike love this course because it is enjoyable.


Video Production and Film-making

Taught by professional filmmaker and actor Randy Cordero. Randy majored in video production at Rutgers University. This course students will learn how to create a feature film from scratch, they will learn how to write the script,  shoot the scenes, edit and act for camera and then produce it. The course is divided into three semesters and is recommended for teens and adults who wants to try themselves in the business of film-making guided by professionals.

TV Commercial Workshop

Conducted by Gregory Korostishevsky. Acting for TV Commercials can be very lucrative and is recommended for any age. Courses will be taught separately for children and adults.

This course is divided into three semesters, beginning, intermediate and advance. Students will learn acting techniques for TV Commercials, acting on camera, cold reading techniques, and they will learn the business of getting commercials.

This course was successfully taught by Gregory Korostishevsky at universities in New Jersey and New York. After this course students will be ready to break into the TV commercial business.